Graco ToughTek F680e w/ Hopper, Hose, Applicator, Remote On/Off Switch & Air Compressor 24y501

Graco ToughTek F680e w/ Hopper, Hose, Applicator, Remote On/Off Switch & Air Compressor 24y501

Grab the power of ToughTek Fireproofing Pumps and get done sooner

• Piston pump technology easily handles fireproofing materials
• Gets projects done faster with high-pressure performance
• Electric operation – plugs into 15A wall outlet
• Long-lasting wear parts give you more uptime and less downtime for maintenance
• Easy to use, easy to maintain

Big Performance From a Small Sprayer

Save time with high-pressure performance

Designed for fireproofing applications, Graco® ToughTek Fireproofing Pumps handle low, medium and high-density sprayed fire resistive materials (SFRMs), delivering them with a smooth, steady flow rate.

Engineered with piston pump technology, ToughTek Pumps deliver high pressures to move materials through long hose lengths – which helps you spray longer and farther to get the job done sooner. You spend more time spraying and less time moving your equipment around the job site.

Easy to operate
Designed for simple, intuitive operation, your crew will be up and running in no time.
• Plug and play – the ToughTek F340e pump plugs into a standard 120V wall outlet; the ToughTek F680 pump is 230V
• Variable speed control – dial in the exact speed needed
• Optional remote start/stop switch – lets the nozzle man start or stop the pump

Compact, portable and easy to move
The ToughTek Fireproofing Pump’s compact design and small footprint makes it easy to transport into the jobsite. Take it anywhere – doorways, halls and elevators. ToughTek Fireproofing Pumps fit into tight spaces so you can spray with ease.

Save money with overall durability
The ToughTek Fireproofing Pump’s durable piston pump stands up to highly abrasive fireproofing materials. Its quick knockdown design makes maintenance fast and easy. You eliminate the frequent expense of replacing pump parts.


Low, medium and high density fireproofing including:
• Gypsum-based SFRMs
• Cementitious SFRMs


• Onshore oil • Gas and chemical processing facilities
• Industrial structures • Commercial buildings
• Floor and roof assemblies, steel beams, joists and columns

190ES Graco Sprayer Airless Electric

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Pump type 2-ball piston
Electrical requirements 230V 1-ph 30A
Max working pressure 500 psi (34 bar, 3.4 MPa)
Max spray pressure 500 psi (34 bar; 3.4 MPa)
Max output (bags/hour)* 20 to 25
Max output** 10.8 gpm (41 lpm)
Volume control Variable
Max hose length 300 ft (91.5 m)†
Conveying distance - vertical Up to 200 ft (61 m)
Hopper capacity 30 gal (114 L)
Hopper opening (W x D) 20.5 x 27.5 in (52 x 70 cm)
Hopper/filling height 26 in (66 cm)
Pump outlet size 1.5 in cam groove (m)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 62.25 x 33 x 46 in (158 x 84 x 117 cm)
Chemical compatibility Water based materials
Wetted parts SST, aluminum, carbide seats, plated steel, PTFE, UHMWPE, LLDPE, urethane, solvent-resistant elastomer
Max air compressor pressure 75 psi (5.2 bar, 0.52 MPa)



Genuine Graco 3-year Warranty


Model # 24y501
Max Hose Length 100+ FT

Graco ToughTek F680e w/ Hopper, Hose, Applicator, Remote On/Off Switch & Air Compressor 24y501

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