1. June Equipment Special: ST-1 Foam Gun

    June Equipment Special: ST-1 Foam Gun

    CJ Spray June Equipment Special - Carlisle ST-1 Spray Foam Gun

    For a limited time, CJ Spray is offering the Carlisle ST-1 Spray Foam Gun at a special reduced price.

    Limited Quantities Available. Call us at 888-257-7729 for special pricing and availability.

    Spraying Foam Just Got Easier with the ST-1 Spray Foam Gun

    Smoother patterns, more uptime, and better ergonomics for sprayers. Carlisle assembled a team of industry-leading engineers, experienced technicians, and business owners to engineer the future of the spray foam insulation industry.

    They heard your frustrations and tackled three key issues facing spray operators: pattern inconsistency, too much downtime, and sprayer fatigue.

    Consistent spray patterns

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  2. Industrial Coatings, AZZ and The Paint Project

    Industrial Coatings, AZZ and The Paint Project

    2KE ProMix - Plural Component Upgrade 

    AZZ is an industry leading providers of metal coating and galvanized solutions. They recently partnered with The Paint Project to convert one of their facilities using a single component pump to a dual component 2k proportioner. With this equipment and process upgrade, they were able to substantially increase their production and simultaneously reduce waste and maintenance time.

    By using the Graco ProMix 2KE Proportioner, AZZ is able to utilize coatings materials by measured ounces instead of gallons. The A&B components are isolated and only mixed on demand, helping to reduce waste and maximize efficiency in their coating applications.

    Our commitment to bringing the newest and best technology has resulted in The Paint Project becoming a key Equipment Distributor for the Northeast Territory. We have the Engineering, Installation, Training, Service, and Technical Expertise to make any project a successful one.


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  3. CJ Spray Production

    CJ Spray Production

    CJ Spray - Equipment Production for Fireproofing, Waterproofing, Paint, Spray Foam and Polyurea

    With the year end quickly approaching, our production team is staying busy working on spray foam, waterproofing, fireproofing and polyurea spray equipment.

    With custom manufacturing solutions, an in-house engineering staff, welders, carpenters and electricians, CJ Spray has the capabilities to produce and support premium equipment for your operation.

    Give us a call with any questions regarding spray foam mobile rigs, waterproofing equipment, fireproofing equipment and everything you need for parts and service.



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  4. MaxForce Fireproofing Equipment

    MaxForce Fireproofing Equipment

    MaxForce Fireproofing Equipment - Built for the Way You Work

    MaxForce offers a full lineup of Fireproofing Equipment and accessories to ensure you get the job done quickly and efficiently. We also offer Free Technical Assistance to keep you up and running if you run into any problems.

    Quick Fill Increase productivity, reduce labor costs and improve water/mix ratio accuracy with the MaxForce quick fill system. Easily adjust water  dosage at the integrated digital display panel to get optimal yield per bag. 

    Water Booster 4-Wheel cart is easy to transport featuring low water shutdown which prevents pump from running dry.

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  5. Graco Reactor 3 Promo

    Graco Reactor 3 Promo

    Graco Reactor 3 Trade In and Up Promotion: Now Through December 15th, 2023

    For any customer trading in an old piece of functioning spray foam or polyurea equipment, the following discounts will be provided:

    10% OFF an R3 Standard or Pro Package

    12.5% OFF an R3 Elite Package

    15% OFF an R3 Elite Package with Core Transfer Pumps 

    Additionally, we are expecting a 5% price increase on Graco products next year, so you'll save UP TO 20% compared to waiting until after January 1st. Act now and you can also deduct 100% of the purchase on your 2023 tax liabilities by utilizing Section 179! (more informaton at



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  6. Advanced Waterproofing for Historic Landmark

    Advanced Waterproofing for Historic Landmark

    Advanced Waterproofing! When a historical landmark need to be sure about their waterproofing, they turned to a high performing polyurea coating.

    CJ Spray was there to support the contractor and make sure everything went smoothly. They were using a MaxForce built Mobile Cart utilizing a Graco H-XP3 Reactor2. 

    Featured in the video is the MaxForce Turn-key High Production Cart - Hook-up to Shore Power and Spray

    Ideal system for commercial contractors. Designed to operate when mounted in truck or trailer, but can easily be removed when spraying high rises, or large industrial buildings. Heavy-duty 8 inch poly wheels allow for easy mobility, with 4-way fork pockets and integrated lift hooks to fly skyward.  Integrated air compressor, air drying equipment, and controls make operation intuitive and all in one place. Choose an electric or hydraulic proportioner. 

    More details at:

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  7. Custom Built Proportioner Frame with Integrated Hose Wrap

    Custom Built Proportioner Frame with Integrated Hose Wrap

    Solid equipment deserves a solid installation. We designed and manufactured this standalone, custom H-XP3 stand with an integrated hose wrap, making it ideal for industrial and in-plant applications.

    Easily upgrade or swap your equipment on your trailer or box truck with this custom designed and built frame, hose and proportioner.

    Our in-house manufacturing and fabrication capabilities allow us to create custom, modular solutions that give your operation the flexibility you need.

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  8. The Ultimate Small Job Spray Foam Rig

    The Ultimate Small Job Spray Foam Rig
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  9. Respiratory Alarm Shutdown

    Respiratory Alarm Shutdown
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  10. New Product Launch - Carried by CJ Spray

    New Product Launch - Carried by CJ Spray

    MaxForce's coatings sprayers, rigs, mobile carts, agitators and generators are built for the way you work.

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