EcoQuip Available for Rent, Purchase and Rent-to-Own!

EcoQuip is a leader in providing abrasive blast equipment for the coating removal and surface preparation industry. Through our EcoQuip rental program you can choose from three models to get the perfect system for your needs and rent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis with affordable shipping and optional on-site training! 



•  50-70% Reduction in media usage
•  Dust Suppression (up to 97% less than conventional blasting)
•  Vapor blasting uses very little water and creates small amounts of run- Off (Less than 1 qt per minute)
•  Less waste material to dispose
•  Effective in rain and high humidity
•  Remove coatings without damaging sub-surface
•  Standard Abrasive Grit heavier than water
•  Unparalleled Production Speeds 

Ready to Ship • Very Affordable USA Shipping • Tons of Accessories • Rent to Own Options
Free Technical Assistance • Financing Options Available • Custom Spray Packages
We take pride in knowing our systems provide an eco-friendly method of abrasive blasting. 

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