Auxiliary Spray Rig Equipment

Auxiliary Spray Rig Equipment

Unless you are utilizing an Integrated unit like the Graco E-30i, you will need a power source and an air source. A generator and compressor are the ideal solution, as they will offer total mobility. CJ Spray offers a complete line of generators and compressors, including the Morse 40/40 combination Generator Compressor.


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Morse 40/40 Morse 40/40 Generator Spray Foam Equipment Rig Trailer

  • Model 4045 4 cylinder John Deere turbo charged diesel engine rated at 85 hp
  • High temperature coolant shutdown
  • Low oil pressure shutdown
  • Totally enclosed engine and generator/compressor drive sections
  • Adjustable location starter panel with analog gauges
  • Cooler exhaust plenum transition for ease of ducting unwanted heat
  • Powder coated reinforced steel frame with adjustable foot mounting locations
  • Meets EPA Tier 3 emissions standards
  • Full shift polypropylene fuel tank
  • 40 kw generator 220 volt rated at 134 amps three phase & 141 amps single phase
  • Remote mount volt/amp/hertz panel (wiring and external disconnect required)
  • 2 year-2000hr engine warranty covered by John Deere
  • 1 year warranty on all other components
  • Air Compressor mounted in tandem with Generator factory set at 40 CFM at 125 psi
  • Belt drive with adjustable tensioner
  • Compressor filled with ATF 3 Transmission fluid rated for 500 hr change interval
  • Air cooled oil cooler with high temperature shutdown
Morse 40/40 Generator Specs
Model Compressor Power Specs Fuel Cell Weight
GCRS40-4040 CFM @ 125 psi 3 Phase - 134 Amps @ 220v
1 Phase - 141 Amps @ 220v
40 Gallons  2,700 lbs (dry)

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John Deere Warranty
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Cummins 20kW

Features and benefits

  • Low vibration for smooth operationCummins 20kW Generator Spray Foam Rig Trailer Equipment
  • Powerful 40 hp engine
  • User-friendly remote control option
  • Bottom mounted radiator for increased cooling efficiency and smaller package size
  • Complete, integrated package for easy, low-cost installation
  • Integrated muffler for added quietness and ease of installation
  • Service and maintenance points easily accessible (single-side)
  • Engine meets interim Tier IV emissions
  • Excellent motor starting capability
  • Bulkhead fuel and battery connections
  • Single side cooling air inlet, bottom cooling air discharge
  • Field Effect Transistor (FET) control
  • Electronic governing for precise frequency control
  • Less than 4% total harmonic distortion at full load
  • SAE J1939 CANbus output
  • Engine oil cooler
  • Multiple fuel and battery block mounting locations
Cummins 20 kW Generator Specs
 SD 20 kW 60 hz
1 Phase - Amp/Voltage83.33A - 120/240
Weight (Dry/ No Tank)890 lb
100% Load1.95 Gal/Hr
50% Load1.12 Gal/Hr
Displacement148.5 in3
Warranty2 Yr / 2,000 Hrs

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WinPower 20kW, 30kW, 45kW, 60kW Generators WinPower Generator Spray Foam Rig Trailer Equipment 20 kW, 30 kW, 45 kW, 60 kW

WINPOWER has set the standard for quality in the industrial and agricultural world since 1925. Our latest POWR-PAK design is prefect for compact installations in spray rigs and tool sheds. Winpower is a strong generator manufacturer with a national service network. WINPOWER uses diesel engines known for superior performance. Iveco engines (Power Case IH and New Holland equipment) and Isuzu have service networks readily available domestically and internationally.

These engines run at 1800RPM and come with a commercial warranty. Twelve lead reconnectable generators operating at an industry BEST 105 heat rise for prime power are utilized in most models. Lower generator temperatures increase efficiency, reduce wear, and result in the best return on your generator investment. WINPOWER POWR-PAK units have paired industry best engines with world class generator ends and have created a product that is second to none. Units come standard with simple key start controllers. Controllers are equipped with an hour meter as well as low oil and over temperature safety shutdowns. Frames are built with size in mind to fit these units in tight spaces. Optional sub-base fuel tanks are available 

WinPower Generator Specs
 DE20 - 17 kW DE30 - 27 kW DE45 - 40 kW DE65 - 55.8 kW
1 Phase - Amp/Voltage70A - 120/240 116 - 120/240 166 - 120/240  229 - 120/240
3 Phase - Amp/Voltage69A - 120/208 104 - 120/208 156 - 120/208 215 - 120/208
Weight (Dry/ No Tank)800 lb 975 lb 1750 lb 1860 lb
100% Load1.80 Gal/Hr 1.99 Gal/Hr 3.975 Gal/Hr 4.57 Gal/Hr
50% Load0.90 Gal/Hr 1.00 Gal/Hr 2.35 Gal/Hr 2.72 Gal/Hr
Model4LE1 4LE1T N45 SM1 N45 SM2
Displacement2.2L 2.2L 4.5L 4.5L
1 Yr Unlimited Hrs
1 Yr / 1,000 Hrs
1 Yr Unlimited Hrs
1 Yr / 1,000 Hrs
1 Yr Unlimited Hrs
1 Yr / 1,000 Hrs
1 Yr Unlimited Hrs
1 Yr / 1,000 Hrs

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Air Dryers


Morse Refridgerated Air Dryer

Newly designed AHT High Ambient Temperature air dryers designed to operate in extreme environments with inlet air temperatures in excess of 225 degrees F. Featuring a built in after cooler and pre filter, the AHT air dryer is ideal for mobile spray rigs and service trucks.

 Morse Refridgerated Air Dryer for Mobile Spray Rigs Trucks Trailers Foam

Features & Benefits 

  • No remote air cooled after-cooler required
  • Fully hermetically sealed refrigerant compressor includes thermal overlad protection and anti-vibration mountings
  • Robust heavy gauge steel construction with overspecified fastening devices
  • Independent thermally protected cooling fans for the after cooler and condenser
  • High efficiency moisture separator for evaporator
  • High efficiency spin on pre-filter/moisture separator for the aftercooler is included, eliminating the need for external line filters
  • Easily removable access panels
  • Automatic Electric drain on evaporator
  • Powder coat paint finish
  • Electronic control complete with LED readout is standard on all models
  • Compact space savings design
  • Suitable for high inlet air temperature or high ambient air temperature
  • One year parts labor warranty
Morse Refridgerated Air Dryer Specs
Model Flow Rate Power Supply Refrig. Pipe SizeWeightDimensions (l x w x h)
AHT4OU40 SCFM 115/1/60 R134a  1/2 NPT90 lbs16.75" x 16.33" x 25.39"

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Morse AHT Dryers




HTD Refrigerated Air Dryers  HTD Refridgerated Air Dryer for Spray Foam Rig Truck Trailer Coatings Insulation

This complete air treatment system replaces four separate components; the aftercooler, separator, dryer and filter, with one compact package. The HTD Series dryers are ideal for auto body shops, auto service centers, commercial and industrial facilities currently utilizing 5 to 30 HP compressors. Guaranteed to cool, dry and clean your compressed air Deltech’s HTD Series dryers are the smart choice!

Cool, Dry and Clean Your Compressed Air

  • Accepts high temperature air to 180°F, 82°C directly from your air compressor
  • Allows compressed air equipment to work at peak efficiency
  • Removes moisture and eliminates troublesome water from downstream air lines and equipment
  • Prevents surface blemishes and poor paint adhesion caused by wet air
  • Two stage integral 3 micron filter/separator removes solid contaminants and 60% of oil aerosols over a wide range of flows
  • Protects your investment in pneumatic equipment by making air tools last longer
  • Eliminates the need to install and maintain point-of-use filters, separators or extractors Table
  • Easy to Select

Pre-engineered systems

  • Models matched to common compressor sizes
  • Capacities also shown for units installed in systems with aftercoolers (100°F, 38°C inlet)

Easy to Install

  • Compact, free standing cabinet with feet saves valuable floor space
  • No separate components to pipe together, connect inlet and outlet connections to the air system, plug in and it’s ready to operate

Easy to Operate

  • Continuously dries and cleans withoutadjustments
  • On/Off switch - turns on all components
  • Fault Light - indicates overload or system malfunction
  • Automatic refrigeration temperature control system maintains precise chilled air temperature, no adjustments for load, ambient or seasonal changes and never freezes
  • Fan switch - allows operation in low (35°F, 2°C)ambients, saves energy at low loads
  • Allows compressed air equipment to work at peak efficiency

Easy to Maintain

  • Simple filter sleeve replacement
  • Cleanable refrigeration condenser filter and inlet strainer
  • Compact, efficient heat exchangers--no internal mesh to foul
  • Hermetic refrigeration system requires no maintenance or adjustments
  • Air-operated condensate drain automatically discharges water and oil from dryer without air loss
  • Air reheated to save energy and prevent pipe sweating

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C-Aire Compressors C-Aire Compressor for Mobile Spray Foam Rigs Trucks Trailers


After 30 years in the industry you could say C-Aire has been around the block once or twice. Nothing surprises us anymore; we’ve seen it all and have a solution. Our motto is “Quality built…because quality lasts”, and that extends to every aspect of our business. From our hand assembled compressors that use top of the line components, to our personalized customer service, all of it is meant to give you the best. Face it, you work too hard to expect anything else and we wouldn’t feel right about providing you with anything less.

C-Aire Compressor Specs
 3.5 HP5 HP7.5 HP
1 Phase - Amp/Voltage12 CFM18 CFM28 CFM



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