Spray Accessories

Spray Accessories

Unless you are utilizing an Integrated unit like the Graco E-30i, you will need a power source and an air source. A generator and compressor are the ideal solution, as they will offer total mobility. CJ Spray offers a complete line of generators and compressors, including the Morse 40/40 combination Generator Compressor.


DynaSolve CU-6 Solvent for Cleaning and Flushing 3M Respiratory Protection for Spray Foam Trucks Trailers Rigs     
  Ventilation Safety Protection for Spray Foam Applications Trucks Trailers Rigs
Spraytech Sprayfoam Gun Cleaning Kit Mobile Spray Rigs Trucks Trailers Roofing Equipment
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Solvents, Neutralizers & Liquids


Ecolink 2005

Ecolink is a solvent used to clean hardened iso, resin and cured foam from spray guns and equipment. This product is best used while heated to 90 – 100 degrees in a parts cooker. Ecolink 2005 is an industrial chemical considered “environmentally preferred” because it is intended to replace products that are hazardous.

Ecolink 2005 Benefits

  • Non-flammable
  • Fully evaporative
  • Contains NO CFC’s
  • Leaves absolutely no residue
  • Safe on plastics, computer components and other critical surfaces.
        - We suggest that you always test critical compatibility or call us for tech support.

Safety and Handling Precautions

Good ventilation is a must. Use self-contained breathing apparatus if above TLV. Solvent resistant gloves and safety glasses, with splash protection, are required. All used and unused product should be disposed of in conformance with local, state and federal regulations. Keep out of reach of children. Treat this chemical with respect and follow all MSDS instructions.

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DynaSolve CU6DynaSolve CU6 Flushing and Cleaning Solvent

DynaSolve CU-6 is a unique flushing and cleaning solvent for urethanes that does not require heat. CU-6 is recommended for use when isocyanates are present prior to or will be present after cleaning, being a non-gelling, non-chlorinated, non-flammable, non-carcinogenic, non-ozone depleting product.

Recommended Applications

  • Dynasolve CU-6 is especially effective for flushing mixing and metering equipment and feed lines, as it quickly and completely cleans polyols, crystallized isocyanates, and other urethane intermediates. However, in cleaning of isocyanate sides of equipment, Dynasolve Iso-Neutralizer should be used first if excessive only amounts of liquid isocyanates are present. Dynasolve CU-6 will not gel in contact with liquid isocyanates, but if limited amounts are present.
  • Dynasolve CU-6 is very effective in penetrating, loosening, and removing cured urethane foam deposits and build-up from mixing heads, troughs, conveyor parts, side walls, rollers, foam cutting devices and molds.
  • Dynasolve CU-6 will remove all types of urethanes: flexible, rigid, elastomers, molded, and adhesives. It is effective for both MDI and TDI esters and ethers.
  • Dynasolve CU-6 will quickly and completely clean residual cured polyurethane reactive hot melt (PURHM) urethane adhesives from roll coating equipment. It will also remove these same reactive hot melts from dispensing equipment.
  • Dynasolve CU-6 is excellent for the removal of polymer-based inks from rollers in flexographic printing equipment.
  • When heated, Dynasolve CU-6 will also clean many types of epoxies and other adhesives.

Safety and Handling Precautions

Dynasolve CU-6 contains powerful organic solvents. It is harmful if inhaled or swallowed. Avoid breathing vapors or mist. Keep away from heat and flame. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear gloves, safety glasses, and protective clothing when handling. Use with adequate ventilation. Refer to MSDS before use, for disposal, or additional safe handling.

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DynaSolve ISO Neutralizer

Dynasolve Iso-Neutralizer is designed for use in isocyanate feed tanks and equipment that contain crystallized isocyanate residue. This pre-flushing step is necessary when it is not possible to drain out all remaining liquid isocyanates from the equipment; usually 2-3 gallons of isocyanates will remain in the tanks. Under these circumstances Dynasolve Iso-Neutralizer is used to flush out the liquid isocyanate prior to the introduction of Dynasolve CU-6. The Dynasolve CU-6 (or other flushing solvent) will be used to remove the crystallized isocyanate or uncured pre-polymer. In addition to flushing out most of the liquid isocyanate, the Dynasolve Iso-Neutralizer will react with any remaining free isocyanates and inhibit gelling.

Recommended Applications

  • Pour Dynasolve Iso-Neutralizer into isocyanate feed tank and circulate to mix with free isocyanate remaining in the equipment (tank, pump, heat exchanger, etc.) Use several gallons of Iso-Neutralizer to purge the free isocyanate.
  • After mixing for 10-15 minutes, the mixture is drained and Dynasolve CU-6 is added to remove the crystallized isocyanate.
  • The Iso-Neutralizer is used at ambient temperature. The Dynasolve CU-6 can be used at ambient temperature, but works more quickly at 150°F.
  • For simple flushing of uncured material, Dynasolve CU-6 can be replaced with UR-Away FL, Dynasolve M-35 or Poly-Flush. Iso-Neutralizer will not attack Viton if used as directed. Iso-Neutralizer should not be left in contact with Viton for more than 1 hour and should be followed by a complete flushing with UR-Away FL.

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Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic Oil can be used to flush isocyanate and resins from spray machines for cleaning, maintenance and storage. This product is an economical flushing and storage material for situations where cleaning is not needed.


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Respiratory Protection 3M Respiratory Protection for Spray Foam Equipment



3M offers a complete solution for Supplied Air Respirators (SAR) and standard Negative Pressure Respirators. A major advantage to the 3M mask as a SAR is the Dual Airline attachment which routes the airlines over your shoulders and down your back.

3M Respiratory Protection
 DescriptionPart Number
3M Mask - Full FaceFull face mask, can be used as SAR or standard cartridge respirator (negative pressure respirator). Requires “DA Back Mount” for SAR use. Includes one pair of cartridges.66057
DA Back MountDual Airline, Back Mount airline for use as SAR. Includes belt.46394
Mask Lens Covers25 pkg Lens Covers07142
Mask CartridgesPair of 6001 Respirator Cartridges (Spray Foam application require P95 or better particulate pre filter)21674
P95 Pre-FiltersP95 Particulate 10 pkg. (Pre-Filter)97329
Pre-Filter RetainerParticulate Filter Retainer (Pre-Filter Retainer)17668

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Bullard  Bullard Safety Equipment for Spray Foam Rigs Trucks Trailers Coatings

Bullard may not have invented supplied air systems, but they certainly had a hand in developing it (though they did invent the hard hat in 1919). Bullard offers a variety of supplied air (also known as “airline”) respirators for workers in various applications. Supplied air respirators deliver compressed air through certified breathing air hose to workers wearing either loose-fitting hoods or tight-fitting facemasks.


Bullard Respiratory Protection
 DescriptionPart Number
HoodTyvek Hood Assembly with Ratchet Heat Strap, Breathing Tube and BeltBUL-CC20TIC30
Replacement Tyvek HoodReplacement Tyvek Hood (does not include ratchet strap)BUL-CC20TICN
Hood Lens Cover25pkg Lens CoverBUL-20LCL
AC1000Belt Mounted AC Cooler for use with HoodBUL-AC1000
MaskMask with breathing tube and beltBUL-SPEC40
Mask Lens Covers25pkg Lens CoverBUL-LC
CAB15CAB15 – 15CFM Filtration Panel w/ CO2 Monitor & AlarmBUL-CAB15
CAB30CAB30 – 30CFM Filtration Panel w/ CO2 Monitor & Alarm
CAB50CAB50 – 50CFM Filtration Panel w/ CO2 Monitor & AlarmBUL-CAB50
SPECLSYS1 Man Mask Ambient Breathing System, 100’ HoseBUL-SPECLSYS
SPECLSYS2L2 Man Mask Ambient Breathing System, 100’ Hose (ea.)BUL-SPECSYS2L

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Allegro Allegro Safety Equipment for SprayFoam Protection

Allegro Industries has built a strong reputation over the years by supplying and manufacturing quality safety products that are innovative in their design and engineering, using the latest in new material technologies. Allegro Safety manufacturers ergonomic products and confined space ventilation equipment, but is mostly known for their SAR (Supplied Air Respirators) and sand blasting helmet systems.


Allegro Respiratory Protection
 DescriptionPart Number
MaskAllegro Mask with Breathing Tube and BeltAL-9901
Mask Lens CoversMask Lens Covers 25pkgAL-9901-25
One Man SystemAmbient Air System, 1 Man, 200’ AL-9210-01
Two Man System1.12 Gal/HrAL-9210-02

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VentilationVentilation Spray Foam Accessories Safety Coatings


Ventilation is now a required engineered control on every spray foam job. It is the only method to maintain air changes in a spray area and to allow foam to properly cure. Every project will need to have its own engineered controls plan, but the ventilation systems will remain the same. Ventilation fans are available from different manufacturer, typically in 8” and 12” flavors.


Ventilation - Safety Equipment
 DescriptionPart Number
Allegro 8” Plastic Fan8" Plastic Axial BlowerAL-9533
Allegro 8” Plastic Fan w/ 15’8" Plastic Axial Blower with canister and 15' ducting—33 lbsAL-9533-15
Allegro 8” Plastic Fan w/ 25’8" Plastic Axial Blower with canister and 25' ducting—38 lbsAL-9533-25
Allegro 8” Ducting 15’Allegro 8” Ducting 15’ SectionAL-9500-15
Allegro 8” Ducting 25’Allegro 8” Ducting 25’ SectionAL-9500-25
Allegro 12” Plastic Fan12" Plastic Axial BlowerAL-9543
Allegro 12” Plastic Fan w/ 15’12" Plastic Axial Blower with canister and 15' ducting—43 lbsAL-9543-15
Allegro 12” Plastic Fan w/ 25’12" Plastic Axial Blower with canister and 25' ducting—49 lbs
Allegro 12” Ducting 15’Allegro 12” Ducting 15’ SectionAL-9500-15
Allegro 12” Ducting 25’Allegro 12” Ducting 25’ sectionAL-9500-25

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System Hoses and Accessories Spraytech Gun Cleaning Kit for SprayFoam Applications Coatings Rigs Trucks Trailers Roofing


CJ Spray offers numerous custom and aftermarket accessories for your spray foam operation. While there is not enough room to list them all, here are a few of those items. Custom hoses (both material supply and recirculation), scuff jacket and gun cleaning kits. 

Sprayfoam Accessories
3/8” Recirculation HosesMoisture stable recirculation hoses – 3/8” Call for price...
¾” Supply LinesMoisture stable supply hoses – ¾”Call for price...
3” Scuff Jacket3” Scuff Jacket for Graco HosesCall for price...
SprayTech Gun Cleaning KitSpray Foam Gun Cleaning Kit$55