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Stay up to date with Technology by upgrading to a Graco Reactor. From the ‘Graco Control Architecture’ (GCA) featured on the Graco Integrated Reactor (E-30i) to the soon to be released ‘InSite’ data reporting kit and online reporting service, Graco brings tomorrow’s technology today. E and H Series Reactors are equipped with material data and system diagnostics that add productivity to boost your bottom line. From residential and commercial applications to high performance polyurea and coatings, Graco has the right equipment for the job.


Spray Foam Machines

  E-20 E-30 H-25 E-30i H-40H-50
Max Working Pressure 2,000 psi 2,000 psi 2,000 psi  2,000 psi  2,000 psi 2,000 psi
Max Hose Length 210 ft 310 ft 310 ft 310 ft  410 ft 410 ft
Output  20 lb/min  30 lb/min  22 lb/min  30 lb/min  45 lb/min  52 lb/min
Weight  342 lb 400 lb 562 lb 1800 lb 597 lb 597 lb


Quick LinksGraco E-20 Reactor Proportioners for Spray Foam

Graco E-20 Reactor

Graco E-30 Reactor

Graco H-25 Reactor

Graco E-30i

Graco H-40 Reactor

Graco H-50 Reactor



Polyurea and Coatings Machines

  E-XP1 E-XP2 H-XP2 H-XP3 E-XP2i
Max Working Pressure 2,500 psi 3,500 psi 3,500 psi  3,500 psi  3,500 psi
Max Hose Length 210 ft 310 ft 310 ft 410 ft  300 ft
Output  1.0 gal/min  2.0 gal/min  1.5 gal/min  2.8 gal/min  2.0 gal/min
Weight  342 lb 400 lb 562 lb 597 lb 1800 lb


Quick LinksGraco H-XP2 Spray Foam Proportioner Reactor

Graco E-XP1

Graco E-XP2

Graco H-XP2

Graco H-XP3

Graco E-XP2i




Spray Foam Accessories

Graco Fusion AP Gun SprayFoam
Graco Fusion AP Gun

Heated Spray Foam Hose
Spray Hose

Graco Tranfer Pump t1 t2
Transfer Pumps


Graco InSite Remote Control Technology