The Graco Fusion AP is a time-tested gun and has had a good run.
Now it's time to take advantage of new designs and technology.

Graco Fusion Gun and Carlisle ST1 Gun

Depending on your preferences, one of these guns is a better option for you.
Giving one of these guns a try is easy because both work with your existing Fusion AP Hose Manifold


Graco Fusion PC

Graco is investing into new gun designs that make maintenance and troubleshooting easier by utilizing semi-consumable front ends. Ideal for companies looking to simplify their employee equipment training.

  • Sprays just like a Fusion AP
  • 13 Parts combine into one disposable ProConnect cartridge
  • Easily access the mix chamber without removing the fluid housing
  • Integrated check valves for cross-over containment
  • Less time rebuilding, just swap out the cartridge and keep spraying


Fusion PC Guns

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Carlisle ST-1

The ST-1 gun is similar to Graco’s AP gun with better ergonomics and performance. Ideal for experience sprayers that are familar with gun rebuilds and maintanence.

  • Sprays just like a Fusion AP
  • Smaller, lighter and a better balanced gun allows sprayers to spray longer
  • Innovative hand strap reduces fatigue
  • External side seal design allows for quick access to clear blockages while spraying
  • Quick change tips and mix chamber to optimize flow and pattern width


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View and/or download the Fusion / ST1 flyer

Fusion ST1 flyer