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Graco InSite is a data tracking and collection kit for electric and hydraulic Reactors. With Graco InSite, you can track jobsite activity in real time from your smart phone, tablet or computer, and use the data as a powerful business tool. Are your crews spraying?  Are spray parameters correct?  How many gallons of material have been used? Graco InSite puts critical business information at your fingertips. Information that puts you in control of your business. Remote. Control.

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Graco InSite Remote Control

Graco InSite is a data tracking and collection kit for electric and hydraulic Reactors. It transmits real time data from your Reactor, which you can view via the internet. On the dashboard, you can see your entire fleet in real time. Colored icons show if Reactors are spraying, idling or off.


Always know the status of your jobsites.


Graco Dashboard InSite Controller


You can also...

  • Check temperatures and pressures
  • Follow spray rig locations via GPS
  • See how much material each crew is using
  • Download report data to help make better business decisions


Simple icons provide access to valuable information.
Graco InSite icons Reactor Proportioner

        GPS Location, 1 Rig             GPS, All Rigs (coming soon)                 Job Log                              Daily Usage Log


Advantages to better your business.

View important information at any given moment, from any location, on any smart phone, tablet or computer with access to the internet. It's powerful information that can help improve and grow your business in so many ways.

Better fleet and crew management

  • Know when Reactors are running, idling or off
  • Track productivity by crew or machine
  • Follow Reactor locations with GPS tracking
  • Recognize unauthorized use of Reactors or materials
  • Get daily reports emailed to your inbox

Better protection for your future.

  • Have documented data showing spray parameters for every job
  • Share data reports as a value-added service
  • Recognize when it's time to expand your fleet
  • Schedule off-site appointments with confidence

Better cost containment and forecasting

  • Track when equipment is ready for maintenance
  • Detect potential problems faster
  • Save lost revenue and downtime

Better customer service

  • Provide more accurate job estimates
  • Help troubleshoot issues remotely
  • Get crews up and running faster




Control the direction of your business.

The data gathered and logged by Graco InSite...

Graco InSite InSight reactor Proportioner Protectrion
  • Saves you money
  • Helps you bid jobs more accurately
  • Helps trouble shoot problems quicker
  • Saves lost overhead and revenue

Keep report data for each job on file. It's great support if questions ever arise regarding spray temperatures or pressures. Graco InSite provides peace of mind that jobs are running smoothly. So go ahead, keep that important, off-site meeting. And build your business.



How it works.

Graco InSite Computer Controller Reactor Proportioner InSight


Graco InSite transmits your data in real time, using the local cellular network, where it is passed and stored in the cloud. You can view the data on your smart phone, tablet or computer. If no cell connection is available near the jobsite, the information is still collected and transmitted when a connection is established.



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