TexSpray RTX 650 Texture Sprayer 254973

Graco TexSpray RTX 650 Texture Sprayer 254973

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This RTX 650 pumping system is faster and less fatiguing than a hopper gun, and is lightweight and portable.


  • Innovative Pump-Only Texture Sprayer with out air compressor on board makes the unit small, lightweight and portable - easy to bring on and off the job site.
  • Designed for use with a user-supplied compressor †
  • RotoFlex II Texture Pump delivers smooth material flow for uniform coverage and a consistent pattern.
  • Material flow rates up to .65 gpm for faster applications.’Material is contained back at the sprayer. You only handle the weight of the light spray gun and hose.
  • Ergonomically styled spray gun for comfortable spraying, regardless of project size.
  • Superior Texture Projection - Pumping system force-feeds material through the texture gun and projects texture farther than a traditional hopper gun.
  • Oversize Material Hopper - Holds 5 gallons of material, allowing you to complete a whole room without stopping to refill.


1-Year Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship coverage. Click here for details.


Model # 254973
Gun Included Trigger Gun
Tip Included 6mm, 8mm
Hose Included 20
Max Hose Length 20 ft
Max Pressure 50 psi
Max Delivery Rate 0.65
Motor 1

TexSpray RTX 650 Texture Sprayer 254973

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