Graco Reactor E-30i and E-XP2i

Graco Reactor E-30i and E-XP2i Integrated Proportioning System

Proven Quality. Leading Technology.Graco Integrated Reactor Spray Foam

A complete system for polyurethane foam or polyurea applications, the integrated series of Reactor proportioning systems combines an electric Reactor and a diesel generator into one package.
Complete turnkey models are also available with an integrated air compressor.

Look what the integrated system can do for you:
• Saves diesel fuel costs – on average of $7,000 annually*
• Improves productivity – with advanced, easy to use controls
• Eliminates guesswork – the system is totally engineered and tested by Graco
• Eliminates costly power issues – associated with shore power and low cost generators
• Start spraying sooner – with improved heating capacity
• Improves spray performance – with consistent pressure at the gun
• Saves time – it’s easy to install into a spray rig since it’s prewired with components already selected and installed
• Reduces fuel costs even more – compact, portable design fits into a smaller trailer and a smaller trailer means a smaller truck


Smaller generator saves fuel costs

The integrated series of Reactor Proportioning Systems uses the heat from the diesel engine to heat the A and B materials. Depending on the model, this eliminates or significantly reduces the need for electrical heaters – reducing your fuel costs. Here’s how:
• The system pulls heat from the engine to heat the A and B materials
• Since there are no heaters (or only small heaters) on the proportioner, this reduces the electrical demands
of the generator, allowing a smaller generator to be used
• The system’s smaller 20 kw generator uses less fuel than a standard 30 or 40 kw generator
• You benefit from an annual
estimated fuel savings on average of $7,000
* By replacing a standard 40 kw generator with a 20 kw generator, the system’s fuel needs are greatly reduced. Savings are an estimate only. Actual savings may vary.

 Graco Integrated Reactor SprayFoam


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AiMS Spray Foam Trailer Spray System

This groundbreaking Spray Foam Trailer was designed from the ground up to work with
the Graco Integrated Reactor. Same performance as our big rigs in a smaller package.

For more information on the Graco Reactor E-30i, E-XP2i and AiMS Spray Foam Trailer - including package and pricing details, give us a call (toll-free) at 1-888-CJSpray!

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