XP Line of Plural-Component Sprayers from Graco: XP70, XP50 and XP35

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The Graco XP Line of Plural-Component Sprayers: XP35, XP50 and XP70 


Our huge selection of spray equipment (single and plural component) and abrasive cleaning equipment is ready for RENT or PURCHASE, whenever you need it!

Graco XP70 Plural Component SprayerGraco XP sprayers make plural component spraying affordable for all contractors and OEMs. Learn the benefits of plural component spray equipment. Let CJ Spray educate you on the options and customize an XP package to your needs.

The Graco XP35, XP50 and XP70 Plural-Component Sprayers are designed to pump, mix and atomize high-viscosity, high-solids coatings with superior results. When you upgrade from hand mixing, you'll find that the XP provides excellent return on investment, by reducing material waste and by using less clean-up solvent.


XP70 Sprayer

Graco XP70 Two-Component Sprayer Packages

 Graco XP Sprayer Features: Switch from hand-mixing and get a return on your investment!Graco XP Sprayer XP70 XP 35 XP50

  • Reduced material waste - no more throwing away unused mixed material at the end of the day
  • Save money by using less clean-up solvent
  • Consistent material quality - no more guesswork or human error in measuring materials
  • Easy to operate - minimal training required
  • Reduced maintenance costs



  • Environmentally-friendly high solids coatings, with little or no solvent
  • Hybrid polyurethanes
  • Epoxies
  • Very high solids coatings – up to 100% solids content
  • Materials requiring heat (requires optional heaters)
  • Fast-curing materials



  • Towers for wind turbines
  • Fleet maintenance and shipbuilding
  • Marine applications
  • Railcar manufacturing and repair
  • Pipe and tank coating
  • Structural steel
  • Bridges
  • Water towers
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Manhole and sewer reconditioning
  • Secondary containment

Graco XP Spray System Technical Specifications:

Max air pressure supply to the machine: 175 psi (do not operate over 100 psi)
Air consumption (per 1 gal of flow):

XP70: 75 scfm @ 100 psi
XP50: 60 scfm @ 100 psi
XP35: 50 scfm @ 100 psi

Max fluid temperature: 160 Deg F (71 Deg C)
Weight: Bare system: 425 lb Full System: 895 lb


Graco XP Two-Component Sprayer Resources

  • XP ROI Calculator
    An easy-to-use calculator to provide an estimate of savings for your Graco XP Sprayer


 Graco XP Custom Sprayer XP70

CJ Spray built this custom XP70 Sprayer that includes heated hoppers, A & B side
primary heaters (that's 5 total heaters!), flush pump and water jacketed heated hose.

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