Justrite Safety Containers

Justrite Containment Systems - The world’s most widely trusted safety containment systems

Safety cans are a necessary part of compliance for safety in the workplace. Justrite containers meet the standards of OSHA and are FM approved and/or listed by UL.


Type I Safety Cans are economical and easy to use.Justrite Safety Cans

Available with or without integrated funnel
7125100 (2.5 gallon without funnel)
7125110 (2.5 gallon with funnel)
7150100 (5 gallon without funnel)
7150110 (5 gallon with funnel)


Type II AccuFlow Cans are vented for smooth accurate pouring.Justrite safety containers for flammable liquids

Includes 5/8” x 9” dispensing hose
7225120 (2.5 gallon)
7250120 (5 gallon)


D.O.T. AccuFlow Cans are compliant with department of transportation regulations for over-the-road transportation of flammable liquids.

Includes 5/8” x 9” dispensing hosejust rite safety containers flammable liquids
7325220 (2.5 gallon)
7350210 (5 gallon)


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 Justrite safety can container Justrite safety can containers 2 Justrite safety can containers 3 flammable liquids
Half-inch grip lip along bottom supports pouring and resists accidental punctures when placed on uneven surfacesLarge ID zone permits user labeling to avoid misuse, mishaps with incompatible mixtures, or to identify owner or department.Stainless steel flame arrester stops flashback ignition,
provides liquid flow, and
offers superior chemical and
corrosion resistance.


Safety Cans

Dispense flammable liquids and solvents safely, without waste or exposure.Justrite Safety can plunger yellow

  • Quickly and easily moisten cleaning cloths/swabs
  • Tough, lead-free chemical resistant powder-paint finish
  • Perforated pan serves as flame arrester
  • Smartpump streamlines swabbing operations
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty


10008 Red (1 pint)
10018 Yellow (1 pint)
10108 Red (1 quart)
10118 Yellow (1 quart)
10208 Red (2 quart)
10218 Yellow (2 quart)
10308 Red (1 gallon)
10318 Yellow (1 gallon)


Cleaning Tanks

Portable, safe solution to parts cleaning.

Steel Dip Tanks are useful for cleaning parts and sub-assemblies where the volume of work does not warrant use of a larger rinse tank. They are easily moved to accommodate changing production requirements. Justrite Cleaning Tanks safety cans containers

27601 (1 gallon)
27602 (2 gallon)
27603 (3.5 gallon)

Steel Wash Tanks (with basket) are designed to simplify small parts cleaning. An integral parts basket facilitates washing quantities of small parts quickly. Both the can and basket are made of sturdy, lead-free coated steel.

27711 (1 gallon)
27712 (2 gallon)
27713 (3.5 gallon)