MAXFORCE - Self-Contained Heated Spray System

CJ Spray Max Force Gas Hydraulic Heated Spray System

MaxForce - Gas Hydraulic Spray System

Realize the Flexibility of a Self-Contained Heated Sprayer

Waterproofing • Air Barrier • Roofing

The Next Generation in Waterproofing Spray Equipment

Tube-in-shell heat exchangers have been the ideal choice for the waterproofing industry as they are unrestrictive and have high temperature increase capabilities.Their operation requires hot antifreeze that has traditionally been provided by the contractor’s vehicle engine. This requires a permanent and time consuming installation of equipment into a Box Truck or Cube Van. It also requires a vehicles engine to idle while spraying and limits access to hard to reach areas.The MaxForce brings the flexibility of a self-contained heated system that uses its own antifreeze from its liquid cooled engine.

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  • No Installation required
  • Easily move around job sites
  • No truck idle while spraying
  • Transport to job site in truck or trailer
  • Different pressure and flow rates available
  • Enclosure paneling protects equipment
  • Easy operation with intuitive control panel
  • Calcium Chloride (CoSpray) kit optional

MaxForce Elite
Realize the Flexibility of a Self-Contained Heated Sprayer

MaxForce AC Series
Integrated Air Compressor to Operate 55 Gal Drum Feed Pump


Complete Your System

How you supply the system is important. Most residential waterproofing contractors commonly spray the same material all the time. This is a good opportunity to spray from plastic IBC totes or heated tanks. Most materials must maintain 65°F to stay flowable. If you can keep the ambient temperature of the material that warm than a plastic tote is cheap and easy. You can purchase material in drums or cardboard totes and transfer using a diaphragm pump. You can also purchase material in 55 gallon drums and transfer with a stick pump. If your ambient temperature won't be above 65°F then use a heated material tank. The MaxForce Elite should then be your choice as it will be ready to go. If you choose to spray directly from 55 gallon drums you will need a 1:1 FastFlo Feed Pump which will require an air compressor. You can use a twin tank mobile compressor as pictured, or check out the MaxForce ACH that has an integrated air compressor.

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