Box Truck Spray Foam Rigs

Box Trucks provide big payload in small packages that are easy to maneuver at any job site. CJ Spray can perform a custom installation in your box truck — contact us for box truck requirements.

Custom Outfitted Box Trucks to Your Specifications
Supply your own box truck and have CJ Spray customize it for your application. Box trucks are easy to maneuver and can reach areas in rugged job sites that trailers cannot. They are capable of hauling heavy loads and are easy to park where space is limited. Contact CJ Spray for truck requirements and your personalized custom quote.

Standard Features/Equipment:

• Urethane foam insulation sprayed in walls, ceiling and floor
• White board walls and ceiling, with white aluminum trim accent for professional fit and finish look
• Work bench, with vise, blow gun, grinder, overhead aluminum cabinet with light and 6 drawer tool box
• Diamond Plate floor in spray room
• Epoxy floor coating in utility room
• Shore power hook-up (110 volt)
• Barrel brace system designed for two or three sets of material
• Heated Hose Wrap
• Spare parts kit for selected spray gun
• Two fire extinguishers, eye wash station and first-aid kit
• Installing two louvers for generator

Optional Equipment:
• Choose Your Graco Spray Equipment: Reactor, Feed Pumps, Hose Length and Spray Gun
• Dual proportioner layout available
• Choose Your Generator, Air Compressor and Air Drying Equipment
• Heated material hoppers
• Agitators
• Heat System – AirTronic, 110V, 220V, Band Heaters
• Air Conditioner (includes 110V heat)
• Fresh air supply system - Martech Grade D Breathable Air System (Runs off compressor in trailer) - Allegro portable ambient air pump (110 volt)
• Protective clothing and spill containment kits
• Gun cleaners and gun cleaning kits

Choose the Right Compressor

Like sizing a generator, the right compressor will be dependent on the air requirement (scfm) of your tools. Mobile spray rigs use several pieces of air operated equipment, all of which put a demand on the air compressor. The drum pumps, spray guns, agitators (optional), and fresh air supply systems (optional) all require compressed air. Other tools in your trade may also require compressed air. For example scarifiers used in the foam industry can require up to 30 scfm o f air. Another consideration is space and weight. CJ Spray offers two types of compressors: electric driven piston compressors and a belt d riven screw compressor mounted on the generator. Electric compressors are cost effective and are available on vertical or horizontal mounted tanks. Vertical tanks are used in our 16 ft., 20 ft. and box truck models — the horizontal tanks are mounted above the cab-over of our gooseneck trailers.

Our screw compressor option is mounted on our 40 kW generator and runs directly off the diesel engine — so there is no electrical requirement. In most applications a tank is not required saving weight and space making the screw compressor a great value option for 20 ft. bumper pull trailers.


Build your own Foam Spray Rig

 With the CJ Spray Turn-Key Mobile Spray Rig Configurator, you can:
• Customize
• Research
• Find all the accessories you need
• Instant pricing
• Save and Print

Build Your Foam Spray Rig!


Mobile Spray Rig Brochure

View and/or download our 16-page Turn-Key Spray Foam Rigs brochure packed with helpful information, including:
• Accessories and options
• Spray Foam Rigs at a glance
• Standard features and equipment for our 16 ft, 20 ft, Gooseneck and Box Truck lineup.
• Help choosing the right equipment
• And much more!

View and/or download the Mobile Spray Rig brochure!


The Lineup
16 ft Bumper-Pull Spray Foam Trailer
20 ft Bumper-Pull Spray Foam Trailer
28 ft Gooseneck Spray Foam Trailer

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