Graco 395 FinishPro Fine Finish Air-Assisted Airless Sprayer 24U065

Graco 395 FinishPro II Fine Finish Air-Assisted Airless Sprayer 24U065

This model is no longer available. The new Finish Pro 395 now has a new part number 17C417 and is located available here.

The features and output to quickly deliver high-quality finishes

With features that make a great sprayer even better, the FinishPro II 395 is Graco’s premier solution to fine finishing. It delivers a high quality finish at a high production rate and can handle the most challenging materials.


SmartComp™ Compressor is activated by the gun trigger – if you’re not spraying, it’s not running! 

  • Reduces jobsite noise, resulting in less fatigue
  • Automatic shut-off reduces moisture entering the system and extends compressor life
  • Pulling trigger delivers instant air to the gun with zero lag
  • Standard on FinishPro II 395 & 595
Material and air hose set

Super-Flex Hose Set – By increasing flexibility and maneuverability, Graco’s Super-Flex Hose Set enables you to work in tight confines and helps you increase the quality of finish you’re laying down.

  • The flexibility to get into tight spaces – focus on the task, not the tool!
  • Extremely lightweight in hand, which reduces fatigue
  • Connects directly to the gun for maximum flexibility
  • Flex Wrap hose skin protects from paint build up and increases hose durability
G40 Air-Assisted Airless Gun

Improved G40 Spray Gun

  • An industrial quality air-assisted spray gun that delivers superior finishing results
  • Integrated air valve improves gun handling
  • RAC X air cap included
  • Flat tip conversion kit included

Graco piston pump

Graco’s Proven Piston Pump – All FinishPro II sprayers come with piston pumps for unmatched performance. The FinishPro II 395 and 595 come with Endurance Pumps with V-Max Blue packings and Chromex rods for extended life.

  • Allows for consistent priming and pumping of even the heaviest materials without thinning
  • QuikAccess intake valve makes cleaning or clearing debris easy – all you need is a hammer

Two Sprayers in One!

  • Select air-assisted or airless modes, depending on what’s best for the application

Self-Contained & Portable

  • One plug runs the entire unit, simplifying jobsite operation

Single Selector Switch 

  • Simple, color-coded labels easily identify airless and air-assisted modes

Quiet, On-Board Air Compressor 

  • Graco designed and manufactured. 
  • Compact size that’s optimized for air-assisted application


SmartControl  1.0

  • Advanced technology delivers a consistent spray fan without pressure fluctuations at all spraying pressures
  • Digital display accurately shows spraying pressure

Primers, Stains, Acrylics, Enamels and Latex


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Model # 24u065

Graco 395 FinishPro Fine Finish Air-Assisted Airless Sprayer 24U065

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