Express Pump Lower Graco

Use with: 390 PC, Ultra 395 PC, Ultra Max II 490/495/595 PC Pro, Finish Pro II 395 PC, Finish Pro II 595 PC Pro. For model years 2015 or newer. Call us toll-free at 1-888-257-7729 for questions.

Being able to quickly change a pump on the job site can be the difference between a productive day of spraying and one spent waiting on replacement parts or behind the wheel taking your sprayer to be serviced. Thanks to the ProConnect™ Pump Removal System, Graco makes pump swaps fast and easy. In three simple steps, you can remove the pump on Graco’s small and midsize electric sprayers. No more time wasted or money lost to labor charges on pump repairs—with a spare Endurance Pump at the ready, you’ll never have a down day.

At the heart of every Graco airless sprayer is the Endurance pump, the most rugged and reliable pump on the market today.

  • „The most reliable pump on the market—lasts 2 times longer than the next leading brand
  • High-density polyethylene V-Max Blue packings are more efficient, withstand heat better, and deliver more spraying performance
  • Knock-off foot valve allows for quick access to the inlet ball for fast clearing of debris
  • Reversible seats reduce repair costs and keep you on the jobsite longer
  • Extremely hard Chromex rod and stainless steel sleeve delivers more performance by resisting abrasion from material

ProConnect - Longest Life Endurance Pump

  • Change your pump in under 1 minute
  • No tools required
  • For model years 2015 and newer

QuickChange - Longest Life Endurance Pump

  • Change your pump in under 10 minutes
  • Easily remove QuickChange Threaded Pumps using simple tools
  • For model years 2004-2014


Model # 17j552

Express Pump Lower 17j552 Graco

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