EcoQuip 2 EQp - 278861

EcoQuip 2 EQp 1/2" x 50' Blast Hose, Pneumatic Deadman, #4 Nozzle. Compact, fully portable entry-level unit

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Ecoquip 2 EQp sand blasting equipment

Introducing EQp vapor abrasive blasting; an affordable and more effective option vs. pressure washing, grinding, scraping, using heat, using chemicals which consumes valuable job production time.  It’s not only easy to use, but portable enough to take from one job to another, blasting with 92% less dust than traditional dry blasting and making containment and clean-up fast and simple.

  • Fits in the bed of pick-up trucks
  • Air flow from 70-300cfm (185cfm – 375cfm compressor)
  • Pot capacity is 2.0cuft or about 220lbs of media capacity (weight using 80 mesh garnet)
  • Blast for up to 90 minutes between refills
  • Dry weight is 220lbs and wet weight is 500lbs
  • ½”ID x 50’ blast hose and #4 nozzle EQp model is ideal for low flow (70-120cfm) detail work like window frames, railings and auto parts.
  • 1.0”xID x 50’ blast hose and #5 nozzle EQp model is ideal for high flow (120-300cfm) cleaning and surface preparation of large surface areas like decks, fences, building exteriors and patios.

About Vapor Abrasive Blasting

  • Lest dust – 92% lessair borne dust than dry blasting
  • Optimizes air, water and media ratio resulting in a fine mist with a blast that ispowerful, but with less dust
  • Uses less water than traditional water injection wet blasting or pressure washing
  • Designed for years of reliable service

EcoQuip 2 EQp

Maximum Air Inlet Working Pressure


Maximum Fluid Working Pressure


Temperature Operating Range


Recommended Compressor Size


Abrasive Capacity (based on 80 mesh garnet)


Dry Weight


Wet Weight


Pressure Pot Volume


Air Inlet Connection (3/4” male npt connects to Chicago claw fitting.

¾” Universal Crowsfoot/Chicago Fitting

Blast Connection (1.25” npsm connect to 2 lug claw coupler)

2 Lug Claw Coupler

Water Inlet Connection (siphon kit included, adapter kit or water tank kit are available accessories)

¾” Garden Hose Connection

Air Supply Less than 185cfm compressor and 100’ of hose

1.0”ID Bull Hose

Air supply Greater than 185cfm compressor and 100’ hose

1.5”ID Bull Hose

Sound Pressure Level

107.2 dB(A)

Sound Power Level

113.2 dB(A)

Sound Data: Recorded when blasting steel with 0 garnet at a maximum blast pressure with a 1.0”ID blast hose, #8 nozzle, and a 375cfm compressor set at 150psi.


Complete Machine for 1-Year from Original Purchase Date (necessary PM items excluded).  Call one of our Equipment Specialists at 1-888-CJSpray (257-7729) for additional information.


Model # ecoquip-2-eqp-278861