Plural Component Spray Equipment For Spray, Pour or Foam Application

Fixed ratio, variable ratio, air, electric or hydraulic powered pumps, impingement mixing, static mixing tubes, power mixers, co-spray guns that catalyze material in the spray pattern and grout pumps for stabilizing soil - we have supplied them all. Call us. We can help you define your needs for spray, pour or foam application. Head over to our Industrial Solutions page for more information!

Graco XP 35, 50 & 70 Plural-Component Sprayers
Let CJ Spray provide your turn-key solution. Custom built trailers are engineered specifically for the task at hand. Complete trailers include XP Proportioner, diesel generator, and screw compressor. Only the best components and top notch fit & finish give you a leg-up on the competition.

EH-XP Plural Component Spray System
The XP-h is ideal for mobile spray systems. Use the efficiency of hydraulic power and leave the giant compressor behind.

Graco E-8p Portable Plural-Component Sprayer for No-Heat Foams
Designed specifically for new no-heat foam insulation formulations, the Reactor E-8p produces an air-seal solution that's in demand by homeowners who want to make their homes more energy-efficient.

Graco XM Portable Plural-Component Sprayer
Engineered to handle the toughest protective coatings, the Graco XM Plural-Component Sprayer provides precise ratio control, allows users to download historical spraying data, and handles a wide range of two-component materials.