Graco Fusion Air Purge Spray Gun 246099 (000) Mix Chamber

Fusion Air Purge - Plural-Component Spray Gun

For high output spray polyurethane foam and polyurea applications

# AR2020 (000) mix chamber (Impingement Port Orifice Size 0.020 ) (#76 Drill .0200) (Counterbore Drill Bit Size #53 .060)

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With long-life mix chamber and durable side seals, Fusion guns are designed to reduce maintenance and downtime, and provide a better mix.


  • Easy air-blast tip cleaning reduces build-up and tip clogging.
  • Long-lasting side seals means less downtime for maintenance
  • Quick-release fluid housing - lets you easily change the mix chambers without tools
  • Hand-tightened front cap – no tools needed to clean and maintain seals and mix chamber
  • Ergonomic handle

17 long x 13 wide x 6 high (inches)



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Model # fusion-gun-246099

Graco Fusion Air Purge Spray Gun 246099 (000) Mix Chamber

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