Advanced Integrated Mobile Spray System

Turn-key Trailer for Spray Foam and Plural Component Coatings

Standard Features:

  • Twin 5,000 lb axles (10,000 lb gvw)
  • Electric brakes
  • Spare tire
  • Powder coated enclosure
  • Barrel Brace system designed for two sets of material
  • Shore power hook-up (110 volt, 20 amp)
  • EZ Slide heated hose wrap
  • Two fire extinguishers, eye wash station, and first aid kit
  • Locking latches
  • Exterior (locking) tool box
  • LED interior lighting
  • Manifold circulation kit standard
  • Spare parts kit for selected spray gun and Reactor


Mobile Spray Foam Trailer Rig Graco Integrated Reactor Coatings


CJ Mobile Rigs have many options and accessories so you can tailor the rig to your exact needs. These items can help you do your job faster, safer and more efficiently.

Heated Hose Circulation Kit - Allows for easy circulation of material through entire system to prevent isocyanate crystallization during periods of down time. Reduces time required to warm the heated hose with coatings or ½ lb foam.

Allegro Fresh Air Compressor System - Cost effective fresh air supply pump is portable and 110 volt.

Martech Fresh Air Supply System - Mounts in trailer and coverts air from spray rig compressor to Grade D breathable air.

Electric Heaters - 110 Volt and 240 volt options. 240 Volt has more BTUs, but only runs with the generator. 110 Volt model runs on generator and shore power but has less BTUs.

AirTronic Heater - The ultimate heating option. Runs on 12 volt DC power and diesel fuel. Set thermostat on the wall and the AirTronic Heater will maintain temperature burning only 1 gallon of diesel per 16 hours.

Drum Mixer - CJ Mobile Rigs are designed to easily add pneumatic drum agitators for a wide range of materials.

Air Conditioner - Excellent for foam contractors in hot climates.


Spray Foam Trailer for Sale Integrated Reactor Save Discount

Innovative design re-purposes wasted heat and saves energy
Graco’s patent pending dual coolant loop design ensures that the A and B materials are isolated from the engine coolant. This unique design also provides constant, steady temperature control for superior heating performance.


Build your own Mobile Spray Foam Rig

Build Your Own Mobile Spray Rig Polyurethane Foam

 Our Mobile Spray Rig Configurator features:
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• Research components
• Find all the accessories you need
• Get instant pricing
• Save and print your results

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AiMS Mobile Spray Rig Brochure Spray Foam Rig Trailer with Graco E-30i Integrated Reactor Coatings Roofing

View and/or download our AiMS Spray Foam Rig brochure packed with helpful information, including:

• Accessories and options
• Savings Chart
• Standard features and equipment
• Help choosing the right equipment
• And much more!

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There are several components that make up a CJ Spray Mobile Spray Rig — and we use only the best. You can trust that CJ Spray only selects premium grade equipment manufacturers with national service networks to keep you going. 

Call us toll-free at 1-888-CJSpray for complete warranty information on this Turn-key Mobile Sprayfoam Rig.


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AiMS Spray Foam Trailer Rig w/ Graco E-30i Reactor

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