Air Purge Spray/Pour Gun for Foam and Coatings

Weighing in at a mere 2.1 pounds, less than any other air purge gun on the market, Polyurethane Machinery Corporation's AP-2 Spray Foam Gun may also be the easiest to use. With a minimum trigger stroke distance, it immediately develops a spray pattern, thereby reducing operator fatigue. The PMC AP-2 Gun has a special check valve that prevents chemicals from entering the gun's air passages, and multi- directional airflow passages keep tips clean, reducing maintenance and down time.

This PMC Spray Gun is the lightest, most compact and least expensive American-made AP gun sold in the marketplace. The handle can be removed for installation of a custom handle or for connection to robotic equipment. The gun body has a special coating designed to resist buildup of foam or other coatings. Users have commented on how much less maintenance is required for this unit compared to other units.


  • Lightweight, Compact Design
  • Short Trigger Stroke Reduces Operator Fatigue
  • Check Valves for Maximum Gun Block Performance
  • Purge Air Check Valve Prevents Chemical from Entering the Air Passages of the Gun
  • Advanced Design for Pattern Development and Mixing
  1. Separate Hardened Pattern Control Tip (PCT) with Adhesion Resistant Coating
  2. A Series of Air Passages for Tip Blow-off
  3. Full Range of Round and Flat PCTs
  4. Blaster Tip Designed to Spray a Stream Up to 15
  • Pour Tip and Other Custom Configurations
  • Immediate Spray Pattern Development
  • Ability to Mount Different Handle Configurations
  • Simple Disassembly and Maintenance Access
  • Adhesion Resistant Gun Finish Modular Construction: Separate Handle, Trigger Air Manifold and Air Cylinder Body Unique PMC 180˚ Rotational Head
  • Coupling Block

​2.1 lbs w/o coupling block
2.6 lbs with coupling block
7.5"h x 3"w x 6.5"l
3500 psi Max Working Pressure
125 psi Max Air Pressure
50 lbs Max Productions (1:1 Ratio)
3.3lbs per minute Minimum Production (1:1 Ratio)


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Model # fusion-2-gun-pmc

AP-2 Air Purge Gun - Polymac PMC

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