Graco 25M398 Quick Set Mix Manifold

Graco 25M398 Quick Set Mix Manifold

Quickset Mix Manifold, Dual Flush with Carriage, Gauges, and Static Mixers (2)

For mixing two component reactive materials with plural-component sprayers.
For professional use only.
Approved for use in explosive atmospheres.

  • Mix manifold on cart is removable and can be located closer to the spray gun to reduce mixed coatings and the volume of flush solvent required - results in less wasted materials
  • A and B hoses from the XP cart to the mix manifold don't need to be flushed and can be sized for less pressure loss over long runs
  • Great for materials with very short pot life


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Model # 25m398

Graco 25M398 Quick Set Mix Manifold

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