Reconditioned Paint Sprayers and Professional Equipment

Reconditioned Factory Returns: Graco Paint Sprayers and Equipment

Since 1995, Graco has outsourced their factory reconditioning program to CJ Spray. Any paint sprayers returned to Graco from a distributor in the U.S. or Canada is returned to CJ Spray. As a general rule these sprayers only can be in the field for less than 30 days to qualify to be returned. We test, clean, and (if necessary) repair the equipment. Most are resold through distribution; however you can take advantage of great savings by buying directly through CJ Spray.

These sprayers have been used (unless indicated as "Like New") and may have slight overspray or a few blemishes from handling. These sprayers have been tested to assure that factory performance specs are met and they carries a  factory warranty against defects in workmanship or materials (check specific models for details). This warranty will be honored at over 700 service centers across the country. All sprayers come complete with everything a new model would come with. As with a new sprayer, all parts and labor are covered under a warranty situation.

What is Lifted Equipment?

Occasionally Graco will "lift" stocked items from large national retailers. These are new sprayers that were either on display, or can not be re-sold as "new" because they have been shipped. CJ Spray will buy large numbers of "lifted" equipment at a discount, which we can pass on to you our customer. These sprayers have never been used and come with the same warranty as purchasing a new sprayer from a local retailer. They also come complete with everything you would find from a local retailer. The frames may have slight scratches from shipping, but material has never been through them. These units are inspected and repackaged in new packaging. If you have any further questions on CJ Spray’s refurbished sprayers please call 1-888-CJSPRAY (888-257-7729) or email

Return Policy:

These sprayers have been used and returned under the Graco return policy. They may have some minor blemishes but are warranted to be free from defects and has been tested to assure performance to factory specifications. Warranties vary for each sprayer, but usually come with a 90-day or Same As New 1-year Warranty. Call us if there is something wrong - we can either help you repair it over the phone or recommend one of over 700 service centers around the country.

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