Spray Accessories

Welcome to the world of CJ Spray. A team of people specializing in equipment to spray, meter, mix and dispense liquids. To excel in liquid application you must also focus on surface preparation, protection, and most importantly the applicators health and safety.

All of our products are focused on the markets we serve, which makes sourcing your products easy. It ensures they work for your application as efficiently and comfortably as possible. We strive to keep all products listed in this catalog in stock and they ship same day. Thank you for taking the time to review the next few pages. You’ll find them to be relevant to your day-to-day activities and competitively priced. We appreciate the opportunity to EARN your business!

Protective Clothing - Variety of coveralls to meet your protective needs

Eye & Face Protection - Safety Vests, Hood Socks, Foot Covers, Goggles, Lens Covers, Safety Glasses

Gloves - Disposable Gloves, Cleaning Gloves, Work Gloves

Respiratory Protection - Half Mask & Full Face Respirators, Cartridges, Dust Masks

Ambient Supplied Air Respirators - Half Mask, Full Mask and Hood Systems

Cleaning - Rags, Gun Cleaning Kits, Putty Knives, Solvents, Bottles

Justrite Containers - Plunger Cans, Safety Cans, Cleaning Tanks, Accuflow Cans

Material Preconditioning - Strainers, Mixers, Warmers

Tape - Painters Tape, Duct Tape, Caution Tape

Substrate Protection - Masking Paper, Masking Film Kits, Tape & Drape, Toilet Covers

Paint Preparation - Overspray Shields, Dropcloths, Runners, Floor Guards, Dirt Trappers, Protective Film

Spray Hose - Blue Max, Xtreme Duty, Whip

Spray Tips - RAC, TrueCoat, LineLazer, Fine Finish


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