Keep Your Crews Safe with the Respiratory Alarm System

RAS provides communication between a high-pressure breathing system (Bullard CAB, Martech Panel, etc) and a Graco Reactor. In the event the carbon monoxide monitor alarms, the RAS will immediately shutdown the Graco Reactor. The applicator will then vacate the spray area to investigate the problem, where they will be notified of the contaminated breathing air by an audible and visual alarm.

Our Patended device is the best and fastest way to alert spray foam applicators when breathing air supply is contaminated.

RAS Features:

  • Simplify breathing system for applicator
  • Provides a safer work environment for employees
  • Works with all Graco Reactors
  • Works with all PPE CO monitor systems
  • Eliminates the need for remoate respiratory alarm
  • Powered by CO monitor
  • LED indicator (in event of audible alarm failure)

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