Turnkey Mobile Rigs

Turnkey Mobile Rigs

Self-Contained Systems for Foam and Coating Applications Spray Foam Rigs and Equipment MN

CJ Spray Mobile Spray Rigs are built tough for foam and coating applications

CJ Spray offers a full line of custom turn-key mobile spray rigs designed for the task at hand. From residential insulation to pipe coating CJ Spray has you covered.

Built Solid to Support Equipment and Materials
CJ Mobile Rigs are designed specifically for the urethane foam and coatings market. We understand what it takes for a contractor to be successful, and to stay up and running — attention to detail is critical when dealing with moisture sensitive isocyanate and resin with blowing agent that can easily froth.

Coating Applications
Our rigs can handle the most difficult to spray coatings — with combinations specifically designed for Polyurea, Urethane, and Epoxy. We can customize our rigs with off-ratio pumps, agitators, heated hoppers and many other accessories to handle the most demanding products.

Backed by Warranty
There are several components that make up a CJ Spray Mobile Spray Rig — and we use only the best. You can trust that. CJ Spray only selects premium grade equipment manufacturers with national service networks to keep you going.

Spray Rig Configurator Truck Trailers

Build Your Own Mobile Spray Rig

With the CJ Spray configurator, you can: Customize your trailer, Research components, Find all the accessories you need, Get instant pricing and Save and print your results.

Build Your Own Mobile Spray Rig

Spray Foam Rig Brochure

Mobile Spray Rigs Brochure

CJ Spray Mobile Spray Rigs come complete with everything you need to get started AND keep going. Everything is included up front… no nickel and dime later. View our brochure to learn more!

View/Download our Mobile Spray Rigs Brochure

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